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Economics and Planning Services | Log Associates
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Log Associates economics and planning Services

Economics and Planning Services

Our economics and planning section is responsible for research in and implementation of economic and planning tools across various sectors. Over the years, we’ve assisted our clients conduct socioeconomic studies, policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects in many different sectors and urban planning. We also develop strategic plans for institutions across the public and private sectors. We assist our clients to make sense of complex data sets by conducting data analysis and interpretation across various subjects. We also help clients develop, understand, and apply socioeconomic models within their spheres of interest.

Log Associates provides a range of services across various sectors in the area of Economics and Planning. These services, include, but are not limited to; Social Economic Studies (Evaluations, Mid-Term reviews, Impact Assessment and Final Project Evaluations), Policy Analysis and Planning (e.g. Master Plans, Strategic Plans, Strategy Papers), Monitoring and Evaluation, Asset Valuation, Inventorization & Tagging, and Training and Facilitation.