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Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Loss Reduction Projects

Consultancy Services for Supervision and Management of Works for the Electrification Program in the selected peri-urban areas across the Country under the World Bank Credit No. IDA 55870 (in association with AF Consult of Switzerland)

Name of Client: Kenya Power and Lightning Company (KPLC)

Narrative Description of Project: The project involves providing implementation support to Kenya Power and Lightning Company (KPLC) in the implementation of the Power Distribution Line Construction works and service connections also referred to as the Last Mile Connectivity Project. The specific responsibilities of the consultant is broadly divided into Pre-construction phase responsibilities; Implementation support and post construction phase responsibilities; Supervision and monitoring of environmental and social mitigation measures and Training and transfer of knowledge

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff: The specific responsibilities of the consultant is broadly divided into the following main activities

  1. Providing engineering expert service/advise in pre-construction, construction and post construction phase of the project
  2. Providing technical support related to supervision of works and connections for the six (6) contract slots
  3. Ensuring quality and standard construction works and transparent project execution
  4. Mitigating/ resolving probable technical problems/ deadlocks associated with the project and hence accelerate project execution
  5. Ensuring technically sound project implementation and contract administration

Country: Kenya

Location within Country: Machakos, Nakuru and Kisumu Counties

Start Date: 2019

Completion Date: Ongoing