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Engineering Services | Log Associates
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Log Associates Engineering services

Engineering Services

Log Associates offers a broad range of engineering services to our clients. We conduct pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, engineering surveys including geotechnical, hydrogeological and topographical surveys, engineering designs, preparation of tender documents, and supervision of construction works across a wide variety of engineering sectors. Our experience run through water and irrigation sectors, the energy sector, transportation, and the management of industrial processes.

We have designed water supply and wastewater systems for municipal and community water supply schemes across Kenya, always adhering to our clients’ specific needs and the needs of the users. We work with beneficiaries of these projects from the onset of the projects to the final commissioning thereby ensuring ownership and sustainability.

Our irrigation department places the needs of the farmers, the environment, and managers of irrigation schemes at the centre of our approach to irrigation designs and management. We design all scales of irrigation systems from the small scale schemes ranging anywhere for one-quarter of an acre to hundreds of thousands of hectares. Our experts adopt the best technologies suitable for your specific environment and budget with a focus on optimization of water and land resources.

We recognize that energy drives modern civilization. At Log Associates, our energy solutions cut across both renewable and conventional energy systems. We help our clients implement energy solutions that best address their needs. Our experts have helped national utility companies design and implement energy projects across the energy value chain from generation, transmission, distribution, and pricing of energy networks.

In transportation, we help our clients develop optimal transportation systems for both urban and rural transport systems. We conduct transportation studies as well as design and supervise road, rail, and water transport systems. Our urban transport experts are more than capable of helping design solutions for urban transport challenges across the globe. At Log Associates, we are dedicated to offering tangible solutions to your industrial process challenges. Our experience in offering solutions within various industrial environments including agriculture (sugar, coffee, tea, maize, and pyrethrum), wines and spirits, paper, publishing, hospitals, among others, is unmatched. Our technical audits within industrial systems have assisted our clients optimize their operations in a way that always offers observable results. We also help manage safety, health, and environmental issues at the workplace through our solution-oriented health, safety, and environmental audits.