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Environment Services | Log Associates
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Environment Services

Log Associates provides a range of environmental services across various sectors. These services, include, but are not limited to; environmental and social impact assessments, environmental audits/reviews, development of resettlement action plans (RAPs), ecosystem assessments, strategic environmental assessments, environmental safety and health assessments (ESH), waste management including solid waste management services and training on and evaluation of environmental and social management systems.

1. Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs)

Our services entail assisting our clients develop and implement ESIA and RAPs systems that meet national and global standards as stipulated in various legislations and protocols. We benchmark our ESIA and RAP services with the best practices across the globe. Our experience of over 20 years has seen us be part of several major successful projects and programmes as environmental and social development consultants.

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2. Environmental Audits

We provide environmental audits (and initial environmental audits) for projects, programmes and institutions to ensure continued compliance with national and global environmental standards. Our environmental audit services are conducted in a participatory manner through which both our clients and our consultants learn and freely share on best practices and system improvements necessary for the safe operations and legal compliance of systems in place. We have the necessary linkages with several globally accredited laboratories for the conducting of any necessary tests that may be required from time to time.

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3. Environmental Safety and Health (ESH) Management

We provide ESH audit services to our clients to ensure that project sites, workspaces and institutions remain safe, not only for the public but also for staff. Our ESH experts audit work spaces for safety, fire safety, air quality, ergonomics, noise pollution, light and other forms of contamination. We also audit work sites for compliance with various safety and health standards.

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4. Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs)

Log Associates provides SEA services that assist governments, counties, cities, municipalities, regions, state corporations, and other organizations (public and private) to evaluate the cumulative effects of their policies, programmes and plans on the environment. These services become more important as the world focuses more on an integrated planning approach to development.


5. Solid Waste Management

We recognize that the management of solid waste is one of the biggest challenges facing cities and municipalities across the world and more particularly in Africa. Log Associates is committed to assisting urban authorities in the development of plans, systems and processes geared towards the safe management of solid waste within their localities. We focus on affordable, environmentally friendly, culturally sensitive and sustainable management of solid waste in cities and municipalities across Africa.

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