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Log Associates Job history and Background

Company History and Background

1.1 The Firm

Log Associates is a firm that provides a wide range of consultancy services in the areas of Environment, Engineering, Industry, Agriculture and Economics.

The firm was established in 1994 and has grown steadily and forged a solid reputation in Africa. The firm has an excellent and successful reputation for collaborative networking with local and international firms with worldwide experience. Log Associates is dedicated to building relationships based on mutual trust in order to bring the best services possible to the clients.

1.2 Serving You

Log Associates has a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to building a relationship based on mutual trust in order to bring the best services possible to our clients. We make our clients’ interests and goals our priority and provide them with high-quality personalized services using cutting edge scientific technology at an affordable cost.

Most of our professionals have advanced post-graduate degrees and all belong to their respective professional specialization academic bodies. Our staff is always engaged in research to ensure that we advise and serve our clients on an informed basis. Quality is our top priority in meeting our clients’ changing needs and emerging modern trend.

Our staff is our greatest asset comprising permanent employees and several associates always available at short notice.

1.3 Registration

The firm is registered as a Lead Firm under Kenya’s environmental law (Reg. No. 0203) and has professionals registered by different authorities and professional environmental regulatory bodies including: