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Consultancy Services to Develop Kenya Environmental Performance Index (KEPI) | Log Associates
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Evaluation of the National Accelerated Agricultural Input Access Programme, NAAIAP

Consultancy Services to Develop Kenya Environmental Performance Index (KEPI)

Name of Client: National Environment Authority (NEMA)

Narrative Description of Project: The main objective of the Development an Environmental Performance Index to be used as an indicator of the national and county levels performance in implementing environmental management initiatives and also to be used to measure achievement of key outcomes of the Green Growth and Employment program.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff: The specific tasks carried out included:

  1. Assisting in the development of the Environmental Performance Index and hence providing the baseline(s);
  2. Providing recommendations on the required infrastructure for hosting and sharing of the Environmental Performance Index; and,
  3. Undertaking trainings on the development and use of the Environmental Performance Index targeting mainly those drawn from implementing partners of the GGEP

The index has been a useful tool for planners, policy makers, policy implementers and the general public to digest and appreciate environmental performance in a way that is both striking and informative. The index was developed in close consultation with NEMA, line ministries, government departments, government agencies and private sector institutions. Capacity building on the EPI developed was also a key aspect of the assignment.

Country: Kenya

Location within Country: All 47 Counties

Start Date: 2017

Completion Date: 2018