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quality statememnt

Quality Statement

At Log Associates, we commit to providing our clients with the best services, always putting the client’s interest first. We encourage an environment of lesson-learning and mutual collaboration in all our activities based on the highest level of ethical standards.

Log Associates team of highly qualified professionals is always focused on building a relationship based on mutual trust in order to bring the best services possible to our clients. We make our clients’ interests and goals our priority and provide them with high-quality personalized services using cutting edge scientific technology at an affordable cost. We strive to add value at all times and to always perform beyond our clients’ expectations in the most cost-effective way.

Through this quality statement, we commit to:

  • Providing our clients with the highest quality services that meet and, in many cases, surpass national and global standards
  • Being the most cost-effective consulting firm in the Eastern Africa region
  • Delivery of quality products in a timely fashion
  • Performing all our mandates in an environment of mutual respect and partnership
  • Observance of the highest ethical standards at all times