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Ex-post Evaluation of Japan’s ODA grant project for the Reconstruction of Athi Bridge and Ikutha Bridge in Eastern Province

Design of a bridge and the road linking Tambura and Wau Counties

Name of Client: CARE Somalia/South Sudan

Narrative Description of Project: Road and bridge design

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff: The study involved assessing the road linking Tambura and Wau counties through a crossing point along Sue river; assessing the terrain and landscape marked for the road area from a junction point at Dayanga on the Nagero-Wau Road to Sue River; determining the construction materials that would be required to accomplish the task of building a bridge within the budgeted project, making use of the available appropriate materials; and production of a report on the exact location, materials, cost and estimated personnel needs

Country: Sudan

Location within Country: Tambura and Wau Counties

Start Date: 1998

Completion Date: 1998