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Water Feasibility Assessment for Kegonga-Ntimaru Integrated Programme Area

Feasibility Study for the Rehabilitation of the Yomciir-West Kongor Dyke and specification of machinery and equipment Bor County, Southern Sudan

Name of Client: CARE Somalia/South Sudan

Narrative Description of Project: The main project components included a technical assessment of operation of the dyke to ascertain the need to carry out its manual rehabilitation

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff: The specific tasks included Geo-Mapping of the dyke length (approximately 70 km) using a GPS or compass and pacing; finding and locating on the map all breaks and weak sections in the dyke; and providing a comprehensive report on the rationale used to determine the feasibility of carrying out a manual rehabilitation of the dyke including all data, implementation plant and a detailed map of the dyke and its hydrology.

Country: Sudan

Location within Country: South Sudan

Start Date: 1998

Completion Date: 1998