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Development of a Water Master Plan for Bomet County

Development of a Water Master Plan for Bomet County

Name of Client: County Government of Bomet, Department of Water, Sanitation and Environment

Narrative Description of Project: The main objective of the Water Master Plan was to provide a strategy and a roadmap for planning activities and projects for future investments in water supply in Bomet County.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff: The specific tasks performed included:

  1. Literature review of relevant existing documents related to the County in respect of the preparation of water master plan
  2. Consultations with government agencies in the country, institutions, non-governmental organizations, companies and other stakeholders who in one way or another impacted on the management of water resources, planning for water development and management issues in the County
  3. Providing an inventory of ground and surface water resources and developed sources/ supplies of water to people, livestock, agriculture and other uses in the County and provide estimates of their short term and long-term capacities and reliability;
  4. Calculating the growth trends and per capita water availability for people, livestock, farming, industry and other centres of water consumption, including demand projections for 2018, 2020, 2025, 2030, 2035 and 2040 planning horizons using the latest and historical population census data
  5. Analytical review of the water management, protection and monitoring procedures being practiced and providing recommendations, including suggesting other mechanisms aimed at ensuring the stability of the availability of the surface and groundwater resources for use by the present and future generations; attention was paid towards trans-boundary water resources.
  6. Developing a sequential development logic for the water resources to meet the demand estimates, taking into account cost and benefit aspects in respect of technical assessments/proposals, cost estimates, and land use management, environmental and economic factors based on the County development vision and taking account of the projected availability of water resources. An analysis of different scenarios for the development guided this process.

Country: Kenya Location within Country: Bomet County

Start Date: 2017 Completion Date: 2018