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Provision of Oversight Management of Medium-Term ASAL Programme (MTAP)

Provision of Oversight Management of Medium-Term ASAL Programme (MTAP)

Name of Client: Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF)

Narrative Description of Project: The main objective of the study was to provide oversight management of the MTAP programme (WSTF component). Log Associates as a mother support organization (MSO) managed the support organisations (SOs) in coordinating the activities of the WRUAs, CBOs and small WASH grant projects. We supported WSTF through its agents (WRA sub regional offices, WRUAs, CBOs and small WASH grants) in providing services for monitoring and quality control of the projects and thus ensuring satisfactory implementation and completion of all the project activities funded through WSTF.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff: Log associates as a mother support organization had the following general responsibilities:

    • Review and operationalization of the MTAP workplan
    • Overseeing implementation of the WSTF’s MTAP work plan
    • Preparation of a workplan for oversight visits to the SOs/ WRUAs/ CBOs/ SWG/ CWP
    • Assessment of the TORs for the SOs
    • Participating in the evaluation of SOs for pre-qualification and contracting
    • Identification of stakeholders
    • Coordinating consensus building of stakeholders by holding forums with the county level representatives of the water, health and education sectors.


  • Review and approval of proposed project designs of small WASH Grant projects by the SO’s which included water pans, latrines, boreholes among others


Country: Kenya

Location within the Country: Lamu, Tana River, Isiolo, Marsabit, Wajir and Garissa Counties

Start Date: 2012

Completion Date: 2012