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Detailed Design, Preparation of Tender Documents and Supervision of proposed Sewer Extension projects under OBA

WASH Feasibility Study for Karemo Integrated Programme Area

Name of Client: World Vision, Kenya

Narrative Description of Project: The main purpose of the study was to identify sustainable, cost-effective, sufficient and wholesome water supply alternatives that the IPA could undertake so as to increase access to safe water for both domestic and livestock and improve hygiene and sanitation needs of the community.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff: The specific tasks included the following:

  • Determining how well the program could design and monitor its water and sanitation objectives
  • Determining the benchmarks/ indicator levels of water and sanitation project goal
  • Determining how the resources (financial, human and material) could be used economically and wisely to increase access to potable water, improved sanitation and reduction of prevalence of water borne diseases
  • Determining how the water and sanitation project could involve and benefit different genders, ethnic minorities, children and the disabled throughout the planning, design, implementation, monitoring and feasibility and management of the project
  • Assessment of ADP structure and staff capacity to undertake development initiatives
  • Assessment of the status of stakeholders to design, implement, monitor and evaluate activities
  • Determining the overall management and structure of the project
  • Determining the level and quality of participation by women, children, people with disabilities and the poor
  • Providing specific, actionable and practical recommendations for focus in water and sanitation project during the phase

Country: Kenya

Location within Country: Siaya County

Start Date: 2012

Completion Date: 2012