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Environmental Management and Safeguards for the Water and Sanitation Service Improvement Project (WaSSIP)

Consultancy Services for Study on Incentive Based Performance Management for CWSB, Water Service Providers and Coast Bulk Water Supply Unit

Name of Client: Coast Water Services Board (CWSB)

Narrative Description of Project: The key objective of the assignment was to review the performance of the Board, Coast Water Bulk Supply Unit (COBUWASU) and Water Service Providers (WSPs), and support Coast Water Services Board set up an incentive performance based management system that would improve the performance of the Board, COBUWASU and all the WSPs.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff: The scope of work involved the following activities:

  1. Identification of key performance indicators for CWSB, COBUWASU and the seven WSPs that would be aligned to those of WASREB and MEWNR. Undertaking a baseline survey and study of the then performance levels of CWSB, COBUWASU and the seven WSPs in line with the guidelines set by WASREB and as per the existing license and service provision agreements. The consultant also proposed the expected progressive targets for the Board, COBUWASU and the respective WSPs for a 5 year period
  2. Preparation of PC guidelines and frameworks for COBUWASU and the WSPs and also advising CWSB on the use of effective incentive and penalty mechanisms that would stimulate good performance. The Consultant also proposed incentives to be given to best performing staff and also the penalties to be meted against none performers
  3. Supporting CWSB in preparing, negotiating and signing performance contracts with all the WSPs including the Bulk Water Supply Unit
  4. Supporting CWSB, COBUWASU and the WSPs internalize their performance contracts by cascading it to the staff and management
  5. Training and supporting staff and management of CWSB, COBUWASU and WSPs to be able to carry out internal appraisal and review of staff performance. Supporting CWSB, COBUWASU and the WSPs develop and implement tools for determining best performing employees for purposes of recognizing and rewarding them
  6. Evaluating trainings offered under WASSIP and their impact on performance (Trainings undertaken by individual WSPs and COBUWASU also to be considered) and providing recommendations on areas of future training for CWSB, COBUWASU and WSPs

Country: Kenya

Location within Country: Mombasa, Lamu, Kilifi, Taita-Taveta, Kwale and Tana River Counties

Start Date: 2014

Completion Date: 2014