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Feasibility Studies and Design of 400kV Interconnection Standardisation Project (in association with AF Consult, Switzerland)

Up-dated Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) and Schedule for the 132 km Lessos- Tororo 400 kV Transmission line

Name of Client: Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited (KETRACO)

Narrative Description of Project: The objective of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) was to provide a plan for resettlement and rehabilitation of the Project Affected Persons (PAPs) so that their losses would be adequately compensated and their standard of living improved or at least restored to the pre- project status.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff: Detailed tasks involved carrying out a detailed survey on the actual number of people (PAPs) affected by the proposed line route, detailed survey on the actual percentage of land likely to be affected by the proposed line, structures and trees that are affected by the line route as part of the physical scope. The other scope entailed baseline socio economic data on the people affected, valuation of structures and total land affected, compensation mechanism, conflict redress mechanism and a comprehensive report detailing all these variables. The study conformed to the requirements of the World Bank operational policies on involuntary Resettlement OP 4.12 as well as relevant national laws and legislation

Country: Kenya

Location within the Country: Nandi and Tororo, Uganda

Start Date: 2012

Completion Date: 2012